Best Couple of 2022 in Bengali Serials

Best Couple of 2022 in Bengali Serials

In 2022 many new serials came on our favorite entertainment channels and many old serials were also got discontinued. Some of our favorite actors came back with new serials just after the serial came to an end. But we remembered their acting skills and their characters.

Be it Mon Phagun to Rishi or Mithai to Sid, every character has left or will leave an impression on us. So, keeping those characters in mind, let’s see which character holds the top spot in our minds in 2022.

That’s why is presenting The Best Bengali Serial Actor of 2022, so show your love by voting for your favorite character.

Best Couple of 2022

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The voting process will continue till January 10, 2023.

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If you want to make your favorite actor win during this period then share this post as much as possible. Because our voting process will be closed after the date mentioned above.

Disclaimer: It is a Fan Made Poll by BanglaSerials. We are not an official award show organizer. All the images and videos we are using for this poll it is credited to their respective owners. If we made a mistake you can contact us we will resolve it in 24 hours. Thank You 🙂

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