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Dhulokona is an Indian television show in the Bengali language, aired on Star Jalsha. Starring Manali Dey and Indrashish Roy in lead roles. The show is produced by Saibal Banerjee under the banner of Magic Moments Motion Pictures. The show is directed by Saibal Banerjee and Sujit Pyne.

Star Jalsha serial Dhulokona poster
Serial NameDhulokona
TV ChannelStar Jalsha
Release Date19 July 2021
TRP This Week8.0 (Week 43)
Main CastManali Dey
Indrashish Roy
StoryLeena Gangopadhyay
DoPPankaj Saha
DirectorSaibal Banerjee
Sujit Pyne
ProducerSaibal Banerjee
Production HouseMagic Moments Motion Pictures

Dhulokona Timings on Star Jalsha

Dhulokona was first telecasted on Monday, July 19 in 2021, at 8:00 pm on Star Jalsha. It still running at the same time. It can be also watched on the OTT platform Disney+ Hotstar.

Dhulokona airs Monday to Sunday at 8:00 pm on Star Jalsha.

Show Time8:00 pm (Mon-Fri)
Repeat Telecast Time4:00 pm (Mon-Sat)

Cast of Dhulokona

Here is the complete list of Bengali serial Dhulokona cast names with photos –

Manali Dey

Manali Dey as Phuljhuri in Dhulokona

As: Phuljhuri Chatterjee

Role: Lalon’s wife, Ganguly family’s caretaker turned youngest daughter and a singer, a nurse, Subal and Arati’s adopted eldest daughter, Raghubir and Supriya’s daughter-in-law, Bullet and Poroma’s biological daughter.

Indrashish Roy

Indrashish Roy as Lalon in Dhulokona

As: Lalon Chatterjee aka Gogol

Role: Phuljhuri’s husband, Ganguly family’s former driver turned son-in-law, and singer, Chorui’s ex and unofficial husband, Munni’s ex-boyfriend and childhood friend, Raghubir and Supriya’s son, Bullet and Poroma’s son-in-law, Subal and Arati’s adopted daughter’s husband, Dolly’s younger brother, Swadesh’s brother-in-law.

Supporting Cast List –

Sweta Mishra

As: Chorui Ganguly

Role: a bharatnatyam dancer, Chandreyi and Gablu’s daughter, Lalon’s unofficial and ex wife, Taan’s younger sister, Phuljhuri’s elder cousin sister, She married Lalon for her greediness and was dominated by the Chatterjee’s.

Sabitri Chatterjee

As: Ratulmoni Ganguly aka Thammi

Role: head of the Ganguly residence, Halua, Gablu and Bullet’s mother, Anandi, Chandreyi and Poroma’s mother in-law, Mrinmayee, Ganataan, Chorui and Phuljhuri’s paternal grandmother, Kabul’s maternal grandmother, Lalon, Debmalya, Rishi and Kamalini’s paternal grandmother in-law.

Ratna Ghoshal

As: Ruprekha Ganguly aka Pisi Thammi

Role: a retired senior school teacher and Phuljhuri’s rival. Halua, Gablu and Bullet’s paternal aunt. Ratulmoni’s sister in-law. An unmarried and selfish lady, who stayed with the Ganguly family.

Shankar Chakraborty

As: Debraj Ganguly aka Halua

Role: Anandi’s husband and Mrinmayee’s father.

Moyna Mukherji

As: Anandi Ganguly

Role: Halua’s wife and Mrinmayee’s mother.

Bhaskar Banerjee

As: Somraj Ganguly aka Gablu

Role: Chandreyi’s husband, Taan & Chorui’s father, Kamalini and Rishi’s father in-law.

Anindita Raychaudhury

As: Chandreyi Ganguly

Role: a school teacher, Gablu’s wife, Taan & Chorui’s mother, Kamalini and Rishi’s mother in-law, Phuljhuri’s arch rival and Lalon’s killer.

Badshah Moitra

As: Meghraj Ganguly aka Bullet

Role: Phuljhuri’s biological father, Poroma’s estranged husband and Lalon’s father in-law.

Shampa Banerjee

As: Poroma Ganguly

Role: a college professor, Phuljhuri’s estranged and biological mother, Bullet’s estranged wife, Lalon’s mother in-law. One night, Bullet puts vermillion on Poroma’s forehead and Bullet leaves abroad for his job and she conceives at that time and then a misunderstanding starts as Bullet couldn’t return then. 21 years ago she gave birth to Phuljhuri and as she wasn’t married legally, she sent her to an orphanage and one lady of the hospital took Phuljhuri to Subal and Arati’s slum as Arati was constantly beaten by Subal for not giving birth to a child and in order to not face Arati’s sadness.

Prity Biswas

As: Mrinmayee Ganguly aka Mini, aka Sona di

Role: an inborn singer, mentally retarded daughter of Anandi and Halua, Phuljhuri’s eldest cousin sister and bodyguard, Debmalya’s love-interest and student.

Debottam Majumdar

As: Debmalya Basu

Role: a social worker and tutor of the retarded, Mrinmayee’s love-interest, fiance and teacher.

Mainak Banerjee

As: Ganataan Ganguly aka Taan

Role: owner of the car, Phuljhuri’s cousin brother, Chorui’s elder brother, Chandreyi and Gablu’s son, Kamalini’s husband.

Ipsita Mukherjee

As: Kamalini Ganguly

Role: Taan’s wife, Chandreyi and Gablu’s daughter in-law, Phuljhuri’s well wisher.

Rishav Chakraborty

As: Kabul Chatterjee

Role: Ratulmoni’s daughter’s son.

Phalguni Chatterjee

As: Raghubir Chatterjee

Role: a priest, Dolly and Lalon’s father, Supriya’s husband, Chorui’s former well wisher, Swadesh and Phuljhuri’s father in-law.

Rita Dutta Chakraborty

As: Supriya Chatterjee

Role: Dolly and Lalon’s mother, Raghubir’s wife, Swadesh and Phuljhuri’s mother in-law.

Sahana Sen

As: Dolly

Role: Raghubir and Supriya’s daughter, Lalon’s elder sister, Phuljhuri’s sister in-law and Swadesh’s separated wife. She created a misunderstanding between Lalon and Phuljhuri. Though married, she stays with her paternal family.

Shaktipada Dey

As: Subal Das

Role: Phuljhuri’s foster father and rival, Priya and Pooja’s father, Bittu’s father in-law, Lalon’s foster father in-law and Arati’s husband.

Rajasree Bhowmick

As: Arati Das

Role: Phuljhuri’s foster mother, Priya and Pooja’s mother, Bittu’s mother in-law, Lalon’s foster mother in-law and Subal’s wife.

Deerghoi Paul

As: Priya Dutta

Role: Subal and Arati’s elder daughter, Bittu’s wife, Pooja’s elder sister, Lalon’s foster younger sister in-law and Phuljhuri’s foster younger sister.

Asmee Ghosh

As: Pooja Das

Role: Subal and Arati’s younger daughter, Priya’s younger sister, Lalon’s foster youngest sister in-law and Phuljhuri’s foster youngest sister.

Tathagata Mukherjee

As: Ankur Chatterjee

Role: a NRI businessman who made Lalon and Phuljhuri tie the knot.

Ayeashrya Chatterjee

As: Munni

Role: a nurse from Delhi and selfish girl, Lalon’s ex girlfriend, childhood friend and former long-time lover.

Satyam Majumder

As: Manik Das

Role: a widower and father of three, Phuljhuri’s stalker and blackmailer who tried to trap or kidnap her falsely and forcibly marry her.

Amritendu Kar


Role: Lalon’s friend

Avijit Das

As: Bittu Dutta

Role: Priya’s husband, Subal and Arati’s elder son in-law, Phuljhuri’s foster brother in-law.

Debalina Banerjee


Role: Phuljhuri’s friend

Manjusree Ganguly


Role: Kamalini’s mother, Taan’s mother-in-law.

Rahul Chakraborty


Role: Kamalini’s father, Taan’s father-in-law.

Babul Supriyo


Role: the presenter or host of the reality show.

Kumar Sanu


Role: the judge of the reality show.

Debojyoti Mishra


Role: the judge of the reality show.

Sujit Sen


Role: Chorui’s dance teacher.


As: Sreerupa Talukdar

Role: Chandreyi’s friend and Rishi’s mother.

Deepjoy Bhattacharjee

As: Soumo

Role: Chorui’s friend who helped her to attack Phuljhuri by poisoning Mrinmayee and intoxifying Mrinmayee and Phuljhuri one night on Phuljhuri’s function.

Ambarish Bhattacharya

As: Dr. Rohit

Role: Aditi’s husband and Titir’s father.

Raja Goswami

As: Rishi Talukdar

Role: Sreerupa’s son and Chorui’s fiancé.

Samata Das

As: Aditi

Role: Rohit’s wife and Titir’s mother.

Sampurna Mondal

As: Titir

Role: Rohit and Aditi’s daughter.

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Dhulokona Story

Phuljhuri, the caretaker of the Ganguly family (who actually is the daughter of the Ganguly family) meets Lalon, the driver of the Gangulys and a rapper, who continuously fight but eventually fall in love with each other. Mini, Debraj and Anandi’s mentally unstable daughter starts loving Lalon and Phuljhuri.

Read the complete story on Wikipedia.

Dhulokona TRP Ratings

Week 3320226.76th
Week 3420227.26th
Week 3520227.15th
Week 3620227.63rd
Week 3720228.21st
Week 3820228.02nd
Week 3920227.14th
Week 4020226.73rd
Week 4120227.62nd
Week 4220228.31st
Week 4320228.01st


Dhulokona is available on Disney+ Hotstar and can be watched all the latest episodes.
Dhulokona is an original story written by Leena Gangopadhyay.
Satyam Majumder plays the role of Manik Da aka Manik Das in Dhulokona.


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