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Mithai is an Indian television show in the Bengali language, aired on Zee Bangla. Starring Soumitrisha Kundu and Adrit Roy in lead roles. The show is produced by Krishanu Ganguly, Priyanka Seth and Aniruddha Ghosh under the banner of Zee Bangla. The show is directed by Rajendra Prasad Das and Rupak Dey.

Zee Bangla serial Mithai poster
Serial NameMithai
Channel NameZee Bangla
Release Date4 January 2021
TRP This Week6.4 (Week 42)
Main CastSoumitrisha Kundu
Adrit Roy
GenreFamily Drama
StorySaswati Ghosh
ScreenplaySaswati Ghosh
EditorJishu Nath
Biplab Mondal
DoPShantu Datta
DirectorRajendra Prasad Das
Rupak Dey
ProducerKrishanu Ganguly
Priyanka Seth
Aniruddha Ghosh
Production HouseZee Bangla

Mithai Timings on Zee Bangla

Mithai was first telecasted on Monday, January 8 in 2021, at 8:00 pm on Zee Bangla. It still running at the same time. It can be also watched on the OTT platform Zee5.

Mithai airs Monday to Sunday at 8:00 pm on Zee Bangla.

Show Time8:00 pm (Mon-Sun)
Repeat Telecast Time12:30 am (Mon-Sun)
2:10 am (Mon-Sat)
2:00 pm (Mon-Sun)

Cast of Mithai

Here is the complete list of Bengali serial Mithai cast names with photos –

Soumitrisha Kundu

Soumitrisha Kundu in MIthai

As: Mithai Modak

Role: Siddhartha’s wife, Late Sudip and late Parbati’s only daughter, a former sweet seller from Janai and now handles the family business Siddheshwar Modak Group

Adrit Roy

Adrit Roy in Mithai

As: Siddharth Modak aka Ucchhe Babu

Role: Mithai’s husband, Samaresh and late Arati’s son, Somdeb’s younger brother, Sreetama’s elder brother, former senior executive architect in a corporate company named PCG, and present head of marketing and sales of Siddheshwar Modak Group

Supporting Cast List –

Biswajit Chakraborty

As: Siddheshwar Modak

Role: Somdeb, Sreenanda, Siddhartha, Sandip, Sreetama, Sreenipa’s grandfather, Samu, Amu and Apa’s father, Aroti, Anuradha, Sulata and Brotin’s father-in-law, head of Modak family and owner of Siddheshwar Modak group, a leading sweet producing company

Swagata Basu

As: Sushoma Modak

Role: Somdeb, Sreenanda, Siddhartha, Sandip, Sreetama, Sreenipa’s grandmother, Samu, Amu and Apa’s mother, Aroti, Anuradha, Sulata and Brotin’s mother-in-law

Kaushik Chakraborty

As: Samaresh Modak aka Samu

Role: Late Aroti’s husband, Anuradha’s husband, Somdeb’s adoptive father, Siddhartha and Sreetama’s father, Torsha, Mithai and Ratul’s father-in-law, Nanda’s maternal uncle, Sandy and Nipa’s paternal uncle, Joyeeta’s former boyfriend, Tridib’s former close friend, Amu and Apa’s elder brother

Moyna Mukherjee

As: Late Aroti Modak

Role: Samaresh’s late wife, Somdeb’s late adoptive mother, Siddhartha and Sreetama’s late mother, Parbati’s close friend, Torsha, Mithai and Ratul’s late mother-in-law, Nanda’s late maternal aunt, Sandy and Nipa’s late paternal aunt, Amu and Apa’s late elder sister-in-law

Bidipta Chakraborty

As: Anuradha Modak aka Anu

Role: a famous interior designer, Lalita’s daughter, Samaresh’s second wife, Somdeb, Siddhartha and Sreetama’s stepmother, Torsha, Mithai and Ratul’s stepmother-in-law

Diya Mukherjee

As: Sreetama aka Sree

Role: Ratul’s wife; Aroti and Samaresh’s daughter, Anuradha’s stepdaughter, Somdeb and Siddhartha’s younger sister, Nanda, Sandy and Nipa’s cousin sister, Mithai and Rajib’s sister-in-law

Uday Pratap Singh

As: Ratul Mitra

Role: Sree’s husband, Rajib’s younger brother; Somdeb, Siddhartha, Nanda, Sandy, Nipa’s brother-in-law, Dhara’s younger maternal cousin, Mithai’s good friend

Kaushambi Chakraborty

As: Sreenanda aka Nanda

Role: Rajib’s wife, Ratul’s elder sister-in-law; Somdeb’s younger cousin sister, Siddhartha, Sreetama, Sandy and Nipa’s elder cousin sister, Dhara’s elder maternal cousin-in-law

Sourav Chatterjee

As: Rajib Mitra

Role: Nanda’s husband, Ratul’s elder brother, Somdeb’s younger cousin brother-in-law, Siddhartha, Sreetama, Sandy and Nipa’s elder cousin brother-in-law, Dhara’s elder maternal cousin

Tonni Laha Roy

As: Torsha Roy aka Tess

Role: Som’s wife, Siddhartha’s former friend and colleague and now sister-in-law, Reboti’s daughter, Mithai’s former rival and PCG Kolkata branch head, Modak family’s eldest daughter-in-law

Dhrubajyoti Sarkar

As: Somdeb aka Som

Role: Torsha’s husband; Tridibesh and Joyeeta’s biological son, Samaresh and Arati’s adopted son, Siddhartha and Sreetama’s elder brother; Nanda, Sandy, Nipa’s elder cousin brother, Mithai’s former rival now turned to be Mithai’s elder brother-in-law

Biswabasu Biswas

As: Sandip Modak aka Sandy

Role: Somdeb, Siddhartha and Nanda’s younger cousin brother, Pinky’s husband, Sreetama’s elder cousin brother, Nipa’s elder brother; Mithai, Rajib and Ratul’s brother-in-law

Ananya Guha

As: Pinky

Role: Sandy’s former student and wife, Omi and Aditya’s younger sister

Oindrila Saha

As: Sreenipa aka Nipa

Role: Somdeb, Siddhartha, Sreetama, Nanda’s younger cousin sister, Sandy’s younger sister, Pinky’s sister-in-law, Rudra’s wife

Fahim Mirza

As: ACP Rudradeb Banerjee aka Rudra

Role: Siddhartha’s senior and his best friend, Mithai’s declared brother, Nipa’s husband, Sandy’s brother-in-law

Sandip Chakraborty

As: Amaresh Modak aka Amu

Role: Sulata’s husband, Somdeb, Siddhartha and Sreetama’s paternal uncle, Nanda’s maternal uncle, Somu’s younger brother, Apa’s elder brother, Sandy and Nipa’s father, Pinky and Rudra’s father-in-law

Lopamudra Sinha

As: Sulata Modak

Role: Amu’s wife; Somdeb, Siddhartha and Sreetama’s paternal aunt, Nanda’s maternal aunt, Sandy and Nipa’s mother, Pinky and Rudra’s mother-in-law

Arpita Mukherjee

As: Aparajita aka Khuki

Role: Brotin’s wife, Somdeb, Siddhartha, Sreetama, Sandy, Nipa’s paternal aunt, Nanda’s mother, Rajib’s mother-in-law, Somu and Amu’s younger sister

Arijit Chowdhury

As: Brotin Bose

Role: Apa’s husband; Somdeb, Siddhartha, Sreetama, Sandy, Nipa’s paternal uncle, Nanda’s father, Rajib’s father-in-law

Arkoja Acharya

As: Basundhara Basu aka Dhara

Role: an IPS Officer, Rudra’s old crush and close friend, Rajib and Ratul’s maternal cousin

Boni Mukherjee

As: Late Parbati Das

Role: Late Sudip’s wife, Mithai’s mother, Siddhartha’s mother in law, Aroti’s close friend

Debrishi Chatterjee

As: Gulti

Role: Mithai’s younger cousin brother

Suchandra Banerjee

As: Saswati Das

Role: Mithai’s aunt; Gulti’s mother

Arnab Bhadra

As: Gour Das

Role: Mithai’s uncle; Gulti’s father

Aditi Chatterjee

As: Reboti Roy

Role: Torsha’s mother, a lawyer, Somdeb’s mother-in-law

Neil Chatterjee

As: Aditya Agarwal

Role: Siddhartha’s childhood friend and Modak family business rival’s son, Mr. Agarwal’s eldest son, Omi and Pinky’s elder brother

Arghya Mukherjee

As: Animesh Mitra

Role: Rajib and Ratul’s father, Nanda and Sreetama’s father-in-law; Basundhara’s uncle

Sanjuktaa Roy Chowdhury

As: Susmita

Role: Rajib and Ratul’s mother, Nanda and Sreetama’s mother-in-law; Basundhara’s aunt

Niladri Lahiri

As: Arunesh Ghosh

Role: former PCG Kolkata branch head and Siddhartha’s former boss

Gautam Mukherjee

As: Probol Biswas

Role: a criminal and divorce lawyer and a long-time customer of Siddheshwar Sweets, Mithai’s declared uncle

Partha Sarathi Deb

As: Sushovan Ghosh

Role: Sushoma’s elder brother

Indranil Mallick

As: Indra

Role: Sreetama’s senior, friend and also her one-sided lover

Samir Biswas

As: Swami Achutananda Maharaj

Role: Gurudeb of Ashram

Anindya Chakrabarti

As: Dr. Tridibesh Basu aka Tridib

Role: Samaresh’s former close friend, Joyeeta’s former lover, Som’s biological father

Rupsha Guha

As: Joyeeta Dutta

Role: Samaresh’s former girlfriend; Tridibesh’s former lover, Som’s biological mother

Raktim Samanta

As: Ganeswar aka Ghontu

Role: Modak family’s relative, Nosu’s son, Siddeshwar’s grandnephew, Makhon’s brother

Debapratim Dasgupta

As: Nosu

Role: Ghontu’s father, Samu, Amu and Apa’s cousin brother

Promita Chakraborty

As: Satarupa aka Satty

Role: NRI college friend of Siddhartha and Torsha

Kunal Banerjee

As: Kunal

Role: Satty’s husband

John Bhattacharya

As: Late Omi Agarwal

Role: Mr. Agarwal’s younger son, Aditya’s younger brother, Pinky’s elder brother

Dwaipayan Das

As: Gogol Mitra

Role: a student and group partner of Mithai at Excel English Academy

Deerghoi Paul

As: Julie

Role: Gogol’s girlfriend

Sudeshna Roy

As: Mrs. Chatterjee

Role: English tutor at Excel English Academy

Kheyali Dastidar

As: Hitler Mam

Role: Sreetama’s college teacher

Arindam Ganguly

As: Nabin

Role: Husband of Sreetama’s college teacher


As: Madhuchanda Roy

Role: chief nutritionist at “Wellness Multi-Speciality Hospital”

Vicky Nandy

As: Pratik Sanyal

Role: a journalist from Daily News Express who interviewed Mithai

Shraboni Bonik

As: Mandira Chatterjee

Role: a famous industrialist

Anuradha Mukherjee

As: Priyanjali Sen aka Angie

Role: Ricky’s fake girlfriend

Saptarshi Roy

As: Aniruddha Sen

Role: Angie’s father

Bhavana Banerjee


Role: Channel Coordinator of the serial in which Pinky and Sulata act

Ananda Chowdhury

As: Suman

Role: Director of the serial in which Pinky and Sulata act

Baisakhi Marjit

As: Lalita

Role: Siddheshwar’s childhood friend, Anuradha’s mother, Samaresh’s mother-in-law, a socialite

Rudrajit Mukherjee

As: Sudipto Roy

Role: A special crime branch officer, Rudra’s junior colleague

Arijita Mukhopadhyay

As: Promila Laha

Role: A counsellor of F.C.P

Subrata Guha Roy

As: Tarak

Role: Owner of the House the Modaks have rented

Gora Dhar

As: Goju

Role: Promila’s right hand

Oeandrila Banerjee

As: Ratri Chatterjee

Role: Head of PCG Kolkata Branch

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Mithai Story

Mithai is a jovial sweets vendor. She visits the Modak family to sell sweets, and over time, she develops a close bond with them that resembles that of a family member. Dadu plans to arrange for Mithai to be married to Siddhartha after she runs away from her wedding one day to Monohora with an unworthy young man named Lokai.

Siddhartha declines to wed Mithai since he doesn’t believe in marriage after seeing his parents’ terrible marriage as a youngster. Then Dadu makes the decision to wed Mithai to Som, who cancels on the wedding day. Sid must therefore wed Mithai in order to preserve Dadai’s honour, but Mithai’s marriage life is hampered by Sid’s lack of interest and Torsha’s meddling.

Numerous characters from Monohora, including Ratul, Rajib, Sreetama, Sreenipa, Rudra, Sreenanda, Sandip, and Basundhara, are also shown in the story with their own personal love lives. Sid eventually accepts Mithai as his wife, and Torsha marries Som and enters the Modak household to get revenge on Mithai.

Between Sid and Mithai and the other couples as well, love gradually grows. This story, which is rich in culture, is about love, family ties, and traditional Bengali sweets, all set against joys and sorrows.

Mithai TRP Ratings

Week 3320228.31st
Week 3420228.12nd
Week 3520227.24th
Week 3620226.65th
Week 3720227.06th
Week 3820226.76th
Week 3920226.75th
Week 4020225.87th
Week 4120226.68th
Week 4220226.48th

Interesting Facts About Gouri Elo

  • Soumitrisha Kundu, before getting Mithai, worked in more five serials from different tv channels.
  • Adrit Roy makes her television debut with Mithai as a lead actor.
  • Adrit Roy, before getting Mithai, worked in Bengali films Noor Jahan, Prem Amar 2, Password, Parineeta and Lockdown.


Mithai is available on Zee5 and can be watched all the latest episodes, but only if you have subscribed to the OTT platform.
Recently Mithai serial lost its position in the TRP list so there is a rumor that the serial is going to end after Kali Puja but it has not been officially confirmed yet.
Adrit Roy plays the role of Siddhartha aka Ucche Babu.
Soumitrisha Kundu plays the role of Mithai aka Mithai Rani in the Zee Bangla show Mithai.
Fahim Mirza plays the role of ACP Rudradeb Banerjee aka Rudra who is Siddhartha’s best friend and Nipa’s husband.
John Bhattacharya played the role of Omi Agarwal in the Zee Bangla show Mithai. It is a negative character who tried to destroy the entire Modak house.


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