Sun Bangla: Sundari Serial – Timings, Cast, Real Names, TRP, Wiki & More

Sundari is an Indian television show in the Bengali language, aired on Sun Bangla. Starring Sushrita Ghosh, Yuvraj Chowdhury, and Srijani Mitra in lead roles. The show is produced by Arka Gangopadhyay under the banner of Organinc Studios. The show is directed by Joydip Karmakar.

Sun Bangla show Sundari poster
Serial NameSundari
TV ChannelSun Bangla
Release Date19 July 2021
TRP This WeekTBA
Main CastSushrita Ghosh
Yuvraj Chowdhury
Srijani Mitra
StoryParamita Sengupta
DoPDebendra Chandra Das
DirectorJoydip Karmakar
ProducerArka Gangopadhyay
Production HouseOrganinc Studios

Sundari Timings on Sun Bangla

Sundari was first telecasted on Monday, July 19 in 2021, at 6:30 pm on Sun Bangla. But now the time slot has been changed. It can be also watched on the OTT platform SunNXT.

Sundari airs Monday to Saturday at 8:00 pm on Sun Bangla.

Show Time8:00 pm (Mon-Sat)
Repeat Telecast Time2:30 am (Mon-Sat)
5:00 am (Mon-Sat)
8:30 am (Mon-Sat)
2:00 pm (Mon-Sat)
10:00 pm (Mon-Sat)

Sundari Cast

Here is the complete list of Bengali serial Sundari cast –

Sushrita Ghosh

Sushrita Ghosh in Sundari

As: Sundari Goswami Chowdhury

Role: A dark-skinned bright student, Shourjo’s first wife, Lajbonti’s daughter, Malini’s cousin and best friend

Yuvraj Chowdhury

Yuvraj Chowdhury as Shourjo in Sundari

As: Shourjo Chowdhury

Role: A playboy, Sundari and Labonyo’s husband, Shankar and Rangana’s son, Lakshmi’s brother, Krish’s best friend

Srijani Mitra

Srijani Mitra as Labonyo in Sundari

As: Labonyo Sen Chowdhury

Role: A rich businesswoman, Shourjo’s second wife, Manmoni’s adopted daughter

Supporting Cast List –

Nishantika Das

Nishantika Das as Ishani in Sundari

As: Ishani Mitra

Role: Shourjo’s one-sided lover, Sandhya’s daughter

Rajashree Bhowmik

Rajashree Bhowmik as Lajbonti Chowdhury Goswami in Sundari

As: Lajbonti Chowdhury Goswami

Role: Sundari’s mother, Umanath’s sister

Animesh Bhaduri

Animesh Bhaduri as Umanath Chowdhury in Sundari

As: Umanath Chowdhury

Role: Lajbonti’s brother, Lakshmi’s husband, Malini’s father

Kanyakumari Mukherjee

Kanyakumari Mukherjee as Lakshmi Chowdhury in Sundari

As: Lakshmi Chowdhury

Role: Umanath’s wife, Shourjo’s sister, Malini’s mother, Shankar and Rangana’s daughter

Barni Chakrabarty

Barni Chakrabarty as Malini in Sundari

As: Malini Chowdhury

Role: Sundari’s cousin and best friend, Umanath and Lakshmi’s daughter

Aritra Goswami

Aritra Goswami as Krish Chakraborty in Sundari

As: Krish Chakraborty

Role: Shourjo’s best friend and former flatmate

Rishav Chakraborty

Rishav Chakraborty in Sundari


Role: TBA

Aratrika Sen

Aratrika Sen in Sundari


Role: TBA

Mousumi Sen

Mousumi Sen in Sundari


Role: TBA

Malabika Sen

Malabika Sen as Rangana Chowdhury in Sundari

As: Rangana Chowdhury

Role: Shankar’s wife, Lakshmi and Shourjo’s mother, Malini’s grandmother

Milan Roy Choudhury

As: Shankar Chowdhury

Role: Rangana’s husband, Lakshmi and Shourjo’s father, Malini’s grandfather

Chaitali Chakraborty

As: Gayatri Goswami

Role: Sundari’s grandmother

Anindita Saha Kapileshwari

As: Manmoni Sen

Role: A businesswoman, Labonyo’s adoptive mother

Rhimjhim Gupta

As: Sandhya Mitra

Role: Ishani’s mother

Nitya Ganguly

As: Bimal Mitra

Role: A cunning influential man of Sundari’s village

Suban Roy

As: Bapi Das

Role: A garage owner in Sundari’s village, Malini’s admirer

Arup Roy

As: Atom

Role: Bapi’s sidekick

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Sundari Story

The story revolves around a girl hailing from a lower-middle-class family called Sundari who lives in a village and is often ill-treated by other villagers due to her dark skin tone. Circumstances force Shourjo Chowdhury, a rich photographer and Ad agency owner, to marry Sundari while he is in love with Labonya Sen, a rich businesswoman. Unperturbed, Sundari overcomes her challenges and achieves her dreams of becoming an IAS officer.

Interesting Facts About Sundari

  • Earlier, Sushrita Ghosh had played an important role in the popular tv show Jay Maa Santoshi aired on Aakash Aath.
  • The show is the Bengali remake of the popular Kannada show ‘Sundari’ and has also been remade in Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, and Malayalam with the same name.


How can I watch all episodes of Sundari?

Bengali tv serial Sundari is available on SunNXT and can be watched all the latest episodes, but only if you have subscribed to the OTT platform.

Is Sundari serial remake?

Yes, it is a remake of a popular Kannada show ‘Sundari’ starring Aishwarya Pisse and Sameeip Acharyaa.

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